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  A application for use in the state of California which facilitates Recycling center operators with the Purchase and Reporting Requirements during daily operation. Purchase with multiple price points. Account for Cash with a cash reconciliation report. Create unique user profiles and passwords. Report on daily or Monthly purchases. Create DR6 shipping reports and much more.

This innovative system is brought to you by AMS247.com; It is a robust fully integrated and scalable system sure to fit all of your company's needs. To learn more visit us on the web at www.ams247.com

Features and Benefits:
 Designed as a standalone Point of Purchase system, targeting the recycling industry.
 Able to function at remote locations where lack of power has always been an issue.
 We all know it starts with the material purchase; however, the data captured at this point is what sets RecycleOne apart from the competition. Most reports required by your firm are readily available and can be extracted immediately.
 RecycleOne uses a local Database and Uploads records when a connection is available, for data storage.
 RecycleOne is able to work without an internet connection for up to two weeks at a time at which point you will have to connect and sync records.
 RecycleOne not only processes receipts, it also generates DR6, Daily Purchase and other reports that create an auditable paper trail like never before. Auditing and reviewing records has never been easier. No More Receipts and Logs to fill out at the end of a tiring day!
 Using RecycleOne when the CA changes CRV pricing, your CRV pricing updates automatically.
 Create a material list that works the way you do, for use with

RecycleOne, when used in conjunction with our RecyclePop system on the POP terminal or on a PC, will give your company’s management team the ability to see live reporting like never before. On hand material inventory at any location, revenue generated, monies paid out etc. At AMS247, we strive to give you the reporting capabilities you would expect from our world class software solution.

Recycling Point of Purchase recycling by ams247.com RecycleOne Recycle One processing ams247 recycling processors recyclers

 Material type and grade are all selected using big large images. Anyone can use this system. Accurate and Simple beyond belief!

RecycleOne allows you to practice or train others, then erase al data when ready to go live.  Individual secure login per receipt is available, with user accounts that update at all your locations.  Scale weight capture through Bluetooth with multiple scale selection benefit. No more entry errors.  Electronic signature capture is ready to use. When the state accepts it, you will be ready.   When used from a POP terminal RecycleOne prints a DR6 report, which includes a  barcode that can be used with our RecyclePOP system to automate data entry. No more retyping data. This represents hours of man power saved which counts on your bottom line.
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